Tancra System is a computer maintenance company in Barcelona with more than 10 years of experience in the sector.

We offer customer oriented computer services. This means that all our work processes are developed and reviewed with the objective of offering computer maintenance for companies of excellent quality.

The extensive experience of Tancra Systems providing computer maintenance services in Barcelona, allows us to guarantee an effective and efficient computer technical service, with an optimization of its equipment and resolution of incidents in the shortest possible time.



More than 10 years in the IT sector providing companies with computer maintenance services.


We offer a comprehensive service that works both the prevention and problems and the immediate solution of them.


All Tancra Systems customers have an Exclusive IT Manager that will always address the company's IT issues.


In Tancra Systems we perform a Free Computer Audit to all clients as soon as they start working with them.


Our customers' data is always protected thanks to our Online Backups.


We offer 3 plans: Remote, Standard and Premium. We also offer Custom Plans.


All our Computer Maintenance services are backed by a Written Warranty.

These features provide valuable benefits for any company that needs to hire a computer maintenance service in Barcelona.


Computer technology is the backbone of all companies. In fact, few companies can survive, today, with their backs to this reality.

Having qualified computer technicians and experienced to solve incidents is essential, but this does not require you to have to start up a computer department. The company can outsource this service, contracting the computer maintenance to Tancra Systems, to ensure the proper functioning of its equipment and thus save enough resources.

Tancra Systems is a company that offers comprehensive computer support with more than 10 years of experience, serving Small and Medium Enterprises in Barcelona.

Our comprehensive Computer Maintenance services include:

informatic maintenance
  • Technology consulting.
  • Remote and face-to-face assistance.
  • Network configuration and management.
  • Systems Monitoring.
  • Server Management.


From day one, each Tancra Systems customer has their IT Manager. This computer technician is the specialist who will work for your company.

Each company is assigned a computer technician who will always be your partner for the maintenance of computer equipment .

IT Manager Functions

  • Responsible for preventive equipment monitoring services.
  • Support for reactive services: attention to incidents and troubleshooting.
  • Remote and face-to-face attention.
  • Interlocutor in front of other suppliers.
  • Coordinator of the area of computer science of the company.
  • Technology consultant.
  • Other computer maintenance tasks: backups, data management, security policies.
informatic maintenance

The IT Manager becomes one more member of the company , without the client having to bear the costs of hiring a specialist of these characteristics by the company.

Always having the same computer technician as an interlocutor will help:

informatic maintenance
  • Facilitate communication between both parts.
  • Streamline processes.
  • Strengthen the computer area of the company that hires our services.
  • Strengthen trust on both sides.
  • Increase the productivity of our customers.


When hiring our services, Tancra Systems performs a free Computer Audit of the company’s computers that includes a diagnosis of the state of the computer equipment and a proposal to solve existing problems and future actions.
informatic maintenance

The computer audit includes:

  • Backups.
  • Data management.
  • Security politics.
  • Disaster Recovery Policies.


We make online backup copies of all files to protect our customers’ data against possible accidents (fires and other catastrophes) and theft of computer equipment.

The Online Backup is hosted on the Tancra Systems servers located in Barcelona ; Thus, if necessary, data recovery is instantaneous.

We perform an online backup daily and also monitor its integrity daily.


These are the plans we offer to our customers.

In addition, we also offer on-demand solutions with our Custom Plans. These are prepared at the request of the client and are adapted to the specific needs and situations of each company.

Unlimited remote repair
Unlimited email and telephone support and advice
Rates for Face-to-Face Assistance Reduced No fee No fee
Unlimited face-to-face technical assistance in less than… 48 hours 24 hours
Real-time monitoring of servers and computers
Exchange email accounts for each computer.
Initial commissioning of all your computers
Audit of your computer equipment
Periodic preventive checks of computer equipment
Free space for your online backup
Backup Monitoring
Option to perform maintenance outside office hours.


Whenever requested by the client, our assigned IT technician will connect remotely to any computer of the client’s company to answer questions, resolve any problem and ensure the proper functioning of our clients’ equipment.
Our clients receive unlimited telephone and email attention at all times to make the inquiries they need about the equipment or software used.
Standard and Premium plans include unlimited travel to the company and at no cost to the customer, whenever the occasion requires it.
Whenever the occasion requires it, the IT Manager will travel to the client’s facilities to solve the incidents in less than 24 hours. or 48h., according to the contracted plan, at no cost to the client. Likewise, the IT Manager will also travel to the client’s company, after making an appointment, if a specific on-site action is recommended from our monitoring or prevention department for the proper functioning of the computer equipment.
The Tancra Systems Computer Maintenance service examines the most relevant parameters of customers’ computer systems to ensure the proper functioning of all equipment, according to the specifications of each manufacturer. Any anomaly detected will be immediately informed to the client in order to eradicate it with the greatest possible agility of time.
Our Exchange Mail Accounts service allows our clients to have one of the most advanced mail systems, which includes features such as: calendar synchronization, contacts, emails on all devices (desktop, tablet, laptop and mobile) automatically.
Our Initial Commissioning service consists of the review of each of our clients’ computers and their optimization so that they offer the best performance.
The contract of our Computer Maintenance service includes the performance of a free audit of the client’s computer system and equipment. The Audit includes: • Review of security policies and access to data by users. • Checking the backup and data protection policy used by the client.

Our Computer Maintenance includes Preventive Services to avoid breakdowns and incidents in the future.
The Preventive Service is carried out periodically by the IT Manager of Tancra Systems.

This service includes the installation and configuration of an online backup system on the client’s computers, the realization of the online backups and the free space on the Tancra systemas servers to store the backup copies.
Our servers are located in Barcelona, so that if necessary the client can recover the data physically in a short period of time.

The IT Manager of Tancra Systems checks daily the correct execution of the backup copies of each of its clients, verifying that the copies are being carried out according to the previously specified parameters.

Thanks to this exclusive service, offered by the Premium Plan, our clients will be able to perform certain maintenance tasks of the company’s computers outside the usual working hours, so as not to interrupt the normal operation of the company.


In addition to our commitment to the client and more than 10 years of experience, we offer the written guarantee for each of our services.


informatic maintenance Barcelona


informatic maintenance Barcelona


informatic maintenance Barcelona


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