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In this story of freeing up free space on the hard drive, who has not ever deleted something without knowing how to recover deleted files?
Those travel pictures, videos, wedding and birthday photos, etc. In this article we are going to talk a little about how to recover deleted files.

With each passing day the amount of sensitive information stored on personal computers increases. Much of this information is unique, exclusive, and is not stored elsewhere except on the computer that created the information.
A good example are the files of images and videos made by users, which thanks to the variety and technology of mobile devices, it is becoming easier every day to generate this type of content.

How to recover deleted files

On a computer, files and directories are like the chapters in a book. To find the files, there is a type of index that indicates where the file is in memory. Each time a new file is created, a new chapter is created in the book, and an entry in the index, saying what page it starts on and what page it ends on. When we have to delete a file or a folder from that index, it goes directly to the recycle bin on your computer.

How does the Recycle Bin work?

When a file is sent to the trash, it is not actually deleted. The recycle bin is like a special directory. It is enough to restore the files that we have sent there and they will return to the original folder where they were before being deleted.

What happens if I delete a file from the recycle bin? Can it be recovered?

When you delete a file from the recycle bin, it doesn’t actually delete itself, but instead deletes the index line that says where the file is. Therefore, it is still possible to check each file and find the one you want. It will take you longer, but it is possible and the companies that provide computer maintenance service they will do the work for you.

Pre-sending deleted files to the recycle bin helps save you headaches from possible carelessness when deleting files.

Why can’t I recover deleted files sometimes?

Suppose your hard drive has reached its storage capacity. Let’s imagine that you want to download the images from your last trip and you have a full hard drive, then proceed to delete some other photos to load the new images.
As the hard drive was full, the space that was freed up with the deleted photos was occupied by the new images, therefore the previous ones were permanently lost.

What do I have to do to recover deleted files?

The main rule is: do not burn anything on the disk or USB stick from which you need to recover deleted files. Preferably disconnect the disk from the computer and call the expert in recovering deleted files. When connecting the hard disk, even on another computer, sometimes the operating system creates temporary files on this disk, and this can overwrite the required information and make it impossible to recover.


  • Learn how to make backup copies
  • Do them frequently
  • Organize your backups and upload them to cloud platforms, such as Google Drive.

We hope this article has been clear about in which situations it is possible to recover deleted files. Finally, we would like to know your opinion. Thank you very much.

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